Luna Skirt Sets

Black Crop Top, Lace Top and Fur Boleros completed with 4 diffrent colour leather high waisted skirts! Wear seperated parts, mix them and create your own look.

The adventure begins…

Miss [VM] Vero Modero

The adventure begins…

Vero Modero looking for a new face for brand who will represent the brand during year with her glamour and beauty.
The contest consist of different phases with photo and runway challanges. During the contest a great panel of judges will evaluate contestants about their runway skills, taste of style and their beauty.
The winner will represent the brand during a year on fashion shows, editorial works, charities and event.


Schedule of Event:

[1] Send your application form to Sylphia Constantine till October 24th.

1st Phase:

Entry  #00
Post your headshot and a full body photo styled with Summer Trends 2016 Beach( Swinsuit Challenge) on Vero Modero Flickr group Contest till October 24th.

Flickr to post your photos :

-------------------Pre-candidates elimination and announcement 25th October ----------------
2nd Phase:

Challenge #01
Photo Contest - post your headshot and a full body photo styled in Casual Chic Vogue Style on Vero Modero  Flickr group  Contest between October 25th until October 31th.

Flickr to post your photos :

---------------------- 12 Finalists will be announced -------------------------------------

3nd Phase:

Challenge #02
Models will prepare 2 stylings for runway challange . Show will be on November 8th.
Look #1 -  Brides Meets Avant Gard
Fashion Show by Sponsors
Look 2 - Fashion Winter at Fantasy Land

Challenge #03
Photography challenge, inspired on Alexander Mcqueen. Express me a Feeling. Contestants supposed to post their pictures from November 14th  till November 21th to flickr group of contest.  This one will be a public Vote with judges vote.

Flickr to post your photos :

Challenge #04
[Final: November 28th.
Models will prepare 2 stylings for runway challange.
Look #1 - Victoria Secret meets Sci Gods
Look #2 - Red Carpet Gala
Annoucement of Next Miss Vero Modero 2016


[1] Join Vero Modero Elite Models inworld group, invitation will send when we receive the application form.
[2] Join “Miss Vero Modero " group in flickr, all photo challenge photos should be post to flickr group:
[3] On challenges all the outfits should be [VM] Vero Modero products, contestants can accessorize the outfits from different designer’s creations.
[4] There will be elimination on photo contests and it will be announced on Vero Modero Elite Models Group.
[5] All submited photos should be 1:1 ratio, can be edited with graphic tools. Photos can be done by yourself or someone else.  Photoshop is allowed, but dont change your Face with edition tools, we want see your shape.
[6] All past candidates may try again, except if you was between Top 3.
[7] The candidates who wish apply, can not have their names connected with another brands in this same year ( 2015) or next (2016).
[8] Any failure to comply with these rules will result in you disqualification in this pageant.



Miss [VM] Vero Modero

 7500 L Cash Prize
 7500 L store credits from [VM] Vero Modero
 5000 L store credits from Chop Zuey
 1000 L store credits at Ghee
 1000 L store credits at Luna Body Art
   500 L Store Credit at Astralia Store and a Portrait Photo
  A portrait photo done by Skip Staheli
  A portrait photo done by Pam Astonia
  A portrait and fullbody shoot done by Crista Wellens
  A portrait and fullbody shoot done by Royal Fashion Mansion
  Cover shoot and interview with Inovare Magazine
  Modeling on runway and editorial works of [VM] during a year.
  An exclusive design by [VM] Vero Modero named after winner.

 1st Runner Up

 1500 L Cash Prize
 1000 L store credits from [VM] Vero Modero
   500 L store credits at Luna Body Art
   [VM] Elite Models Tag

2nd Runner Up

1000 L Cash Prize
   750 L store credits from [VM] Vero Modero
   500 L store credits at Luna Body Art
   [VM] Elite Models Tag

Eva Wild Sets

White satin tops complated with various tropical and colourful tapered pants, flexy fringe belts.

Alin Skirt Sets.... Boho and Chic Series!

In autumn breeze with this Skirt Sets you will also be chic and cozy! These Long Skirt Sets have 2 serie called Chic and Bohem! All series have 5 different style. Bohem Serie have various boho style patterns, Chic serie have satin banded and tulle long skirts. In all sets; Satin White crop top and fringe jackets complete these long skirt. 

Ted Jackets

Ted Jackets for men @ [VM] VERO MODERO !!!

No more words guys! T-shirt, sweater complete these jackets. They are in black, brown or green colour suede. Get ready for cold days and wear your cool jackets ! You'll be the coolest guy with them.

2 New Gown ! Emd and Armour Gowns

We have new 2 GOWN! [VM] VERO MODERO / Emd and Armour Gowns are amazing options for last summer nights. We will glow with their head accesories !

New Events, New Creations....

We join too many events this month, Here are the exclusive creations for these events.

[VM]  VERO MODERO Ela Dress London Lines 
 For London Docks
  [VM]  VERO MODERO Marine Triangle Set
For The24
  [VM]  VERO MODERO Ela Dress Rock 
 For Rock your Rack
For SOLARIS Fashion Week

Anna Dresses

Anna Dresses launced at store NOW! Some of them have plastic effects, Sexy? Absolutely YES! Cute? Yessss ;)

Ela Dresses

 Ela Dresses are sooooo cute for last summer days and nights with their amazing patterns !